Downloading Pictures From this Site


The following gives instructions on how to download copies of the pictures on this site. The instructions are written for Internet Explorer, Versions 8 and 9, running on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are using another Web Browser, or another operating system, the instructions may not work. In that case, I can’t help you. There are just too many different browsers, browser versions, operating systems and computer types for me to know what will and won’t work on another computer system. And also, there may be all sorts of Web Filtering, Antivirus, Parental Filtering and Business Filtering Software on a computer that may prevent you from downloading my pictures. Again, I can’t help you on that. But check the “If You Can’t Download The Pictures” section below, to look for other solutions.


The following instructions work on all my computers (4 Laptops and one Desktop). I always check a couple pictures of each convention when I upload it, to make sure I can still download the pictures.


My JPEG pictures are not encrypted or protected in any way. If they can’t be downloaded, it is probably a problem in your computer. But see the “If You Can’t Download The Pictures” section below.


Also, as I said on my front page, I don’t send out copies of the pictures to anyone via CD/DVD, E-mail or any other media, so don’t ask.



Steps to Download the Pictures:


(For those who already know what they’re doing, in the following steps, you are going to do a “Save Picture As...” on the full-size picture.)


1) First, find the picture you want to download by navigating down to the thumbnail image: Click on the folder for the convention, then the folder for the day of the convention, then the sub-folders containing the thumbnail images, until you see the thumbnail image of the picture you want.


2) Click on the specific thumbnail image of the picture you want. This should bring up the large-size image of the picture (about 1024 pixels in the “long” dimension). If you don’t have the large picture displayed, retrace your steps and try again.


3) Move the mouse pointer to about the middle of the picture. Note that you don’t have to have the mouse pointer directly in the middle of the picture, but it MUST be completely inside the picture, somewhere. If not, the next step will not work at all.


4) Right-click on the mouse. This should bring up a pop-up menu with options on it. There should be an option line that says, “Save Picture As...” This option should be dark-colored so you can select it, and not “grayed out.” If it is not there, make sure your mouse pointer is in the middle of the picture and try again.


5) Move your mouse pointer to highlight the “Save Picture As...” option, and click on it. DO NOT select the “Save Target As...” option. This should bring up a “Save Picture” folder view window, usually in the “My Pictures” folder initially.


6) Select the folder you want to put the picture into and click on “Save.” If there is already another picture by that name, you can rename the Filename to something else (but don’t change the “Save As Type JPEG” field), or use “Create New Folder” to put the file into a new, empty place. If you have a problem saving the file, such as getting an error message saying the drive is full, try saving the picture in “My Computer” under the “C:” Hard Disc Drive. You can always move it somewhere else later.


7) If you want to save another picture, use the above steps to find the next picture and save it. (Note that if you want to save a sequential set of pictures, start on the first full-size one as above. Then use the arrows beside the picture to go to the next picture in the full-size view. Then use steps 4), 5) and 6) to save it to the same directory. I just tried it, and it took less than 5 seconds to save each picture that way.)



If You Can’t Download The Pictures:


As I said earlier, the above instructions are for Windows Internet Explorer. Most other browsers have a similar way to save pictures. Look in the “Help” for those other browsers or online, for the procedure to save a picture.


If the above don’t work, (such as the “Save Picture As...” option is grayed out), the first and most obvious way to get the pictures is to call a friend and see if they can get them for you on their computer. As I said earlier, the problem is most probably on your computer. So using another computer should solve the problem. I’ve had many people on Boards say they couldn’t download my pictures and others would say they had no problem at all getting the same pictures. So maybe all it takes is another computer, especially if it is a Windows machine with an updated version of Internet Explorer and operating system.


Another thing to try is to ask someone else to try it on your computer. I had one person say they couldn’t get it to work, but their daughter did it for them. So maybe you can ask someone else who is more familiar with the Internet and Browser to try it for you. (The most likely candidates are teenagers and Nerds.) Of course, if it works, have them show you how they did it, step-by-step (and take notes, of course). (I’m in my mid-60’s but I’m an exception. I’ve been PROGRAMMING computers for over 40 years. Yes, I’m a Nerd, but my father is on the Internet daily too, and he’s over 90!!)


As an almost-last resort, there are Internet Cafe’s and maybe even Public Libraries you could use to try to download the pictures. Make sure you bring a USB Drive or CD-ROM to save the pictures on. or save the pictures then send them to your home computer via E-mail.


And as a really last resort, there are computer companies which can look at your computer to see if there is a problem that they can fix.


I hope this helped. But if not, well, there’s not much else I can suggest.